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Chicago Downtown Agile Coach

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We create, market and support our cloud products at several locations in Europe and the USA. Currently, our Chicago office supports about 10 Sales and Customer Success Managers striving for future growth. Throughout the whole company, we value small, agile and interdisciplinary teams, which work independently. We currently use methods such as Kanban, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, demo hours, and team feedback, applying tools such as Trello, Slack, or just ordinary whiteboards.

We are looking for a new colleague to join our global agile coaches team and who will drive the agile transformation in our Chicago office in line with the company’s strategic objectives - from design to implementation of agile practices for our Sales and CSM teams.

What we expect you to do:

  • Build-up stable agile processes by coaching and training on agile and lean methodologies for Sales and Customer Success Management teams
  • Enable teams to reach maximal self-organization and agility by providing thought leadership in agile ways of working
  • Establish processes for agile practices, including backlog management, sprint processes, user-story build-out, and product reporting
  • Foster strong cross-team communication using agile techniques and facilitating team meetings and retrospectives
  • Support teams to build-up T-Shape skills by performing analysis on current capabilities versus desired capabilities
  • Improve process effectiveness and self-organizational maturity by defining and using specific metrics
  • Ensure that improvement of new and existing processes are in line with organizational goals and objectives by closely collaborating with the global (distributed) Agile Coaching Team

What we offer

Our teams work cross-site and cross-functional. This means that sales, marketing and product development collaborate very closely across multiple sites worldwide to provide the best customer experience. We strive for self-development and technical excellence. Our teams autonomously decide what to work on and how to distribute tasks among their members. We have no time-tracking, no titles or deadlines, and flexible vacation management. In a nutshell, we’re agile and far from everything classical, hierarchical or corporate.

InVision is a company like no other - our agile, no management culture gives individuals the ability to develop their business and technical skills in an area of the software industry which is experiencing phenomenal growth and opportunity. New starters will work in our beautiful North Loop Chicago office full-time and enjoy an attractive benefits package. If this sounds like an environment you would thrive in, we would love to hear from you.

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