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Day One

Ok, let’s go a bit back.

The interview

You decide to apply to this awesome company you’ve heard of. You apply online and you get a response really quick. They schedule an interview, you go there all anxious, which is normal of course. Sitting in front of you is a group of three really awesome people and after a couple of minutes you know that this will be one relaxed interview. At the end, they tell you that they will now exit the room and come back with an answer in couple of minutes. Cool, right? Even if it’s a negative answer, you know straight away. I mean, awesome! So, you got the job…

The First Day

You arrive there early, around 09:00. You’re surprised, there’s even breakfast waiting at for you in the dining area.

The Tour

Since you’re new, you get THE TOUR. Yep, like a guided tour through the Maki - possibly the most awesome building in the Media Harbour. I could write a 27 pages blog entry on everything there is to see in this building, but it’s better to see for yourself on Street View. After that:

The Onboarding

You’re assigned to a cool person who has been working here for the past couple of years. And yes, they are still happy with that. After you got your company provided MacBook Pro, you go ahead to install the (geeky) stuff you need for your work. Then the usual onboarding stuff follows - what the projects are, what your tasks would be and stuff like that. Then, you get told an extremely inspirational story by your new coworker. As they give you the most inspiring speech there is, you can see the fire in their eyes. And normally, you’d think: How is it possible that they are still so passionate about their job? Well, it’s InVision. Here, you grow - all the time! After the speech, the one thing you can do is go to the 7th floor where the library is and get your mind upgraded. Yes, you can take the books home to read them or you can enjoy the best view of the Harbour from the room next door. Ok, let’s rest a bit. Wanna play FIFA & Rocket League? Some VR games maybe? No problem. All included.

Lunch break

It’s lunch time already. Again, the kitchen. Don’t call it canteen! You have this 5* food cooked by 3 really cool guys - the chefs! And yes - everything’s paid for.

Let’s go on

So you went on with the onboarding and in the process, you slowly meet all of the people who work here. Polite, outgoing, cool, chilled people. And then: dessert time!

Let’s part ways

Time to go home. You understand that if you come by car/bike you have a parking spot. If you come by public transport, the company pays for your ticket.

And that was just the first day.

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