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Derry E-Learning Instructional Designer

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Our e-learning production workflow is highly collaborative. We work closely with SMEs to exchange ideas and e-learning content strategies. Our graphical designers and motion graphics experts are on hand to help you bring your ideas to life with engaging assets. We use the Adapt Learning Framework to build interactive e-learning courses.

However, it’s not about the tools, for us it’s all about the transferable skills. We’re innovative thinkers, passionate about the latest trends and technologies.

What we expect you to do

  • Working from our Derry office, you will develop engaging e-learning solutions that meet the latest instructional design and media standards
  • Close collaboration with subject matter experts and international colleagues
  • Ability to critique work, express opinion and have own work critiqued
  • Strong self-organizational skills and ability to develop your own ideas
  • Continuously optimize personal and team processes
  • Contribute to a fast-paced agile working environment

What else is there to know about us?

Our R&D Centre in Derry~Londonderry was established in 2001. Our firm name is InVision Software Ltd. in the UK, which is a 100% subsidiary of InVision AG in Duesseldorf, Germany.

We’ve worked hard to create an innovative workspace, designed to promote creativity and collaboration. We strive for self-development and technical excellence. Our teams make decisions about what to work on and how to distribute the tasks among colleagues, autonomously. We have no time-tracking, no titles or deadlines, and flexible vacation management. In a nutshell, we’re far from everything classical, hierarchical or corporate.

If you have any further questions please don’t hestitate to contact us:mario.haendler@invision.de

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